A White Chest of Drawers will Compliment Many Design Schemes

31. May 2019
A White Chest of Drawers will Compliment Many Design Schemes

A white chest of drawers in not only a practical piece of furniture for storage of those small items that don't require hanging space, it can compliment any number of design schemes. Whether you need a chest of drawers for your chic, grown up monochromatic room or for your baby's nursery, white is the ideal color to suit. There are many different styles available, so you will not have any difficulty finding the chest of drawers furniture to suit your needs and you can even do so at the right price - I will show you where!

 White Chest of Drawers: Not Just for the Bedroom!

While we normally associate a chest of drawers with a bedroom, as space becomes more valuable in our homes, this is a piece of furniture that can fit in almost anywhere. Instead of using a hall table, for example, you could use a white chest of drawers to give you the "table top" to display photos or flowers in your entrance and also provide much needed storage space. Drawer units have often been used in the past in dining rooms to store linen napkins and other accessories that you only need to take out when you are having a dinner party. If you have a formal dining area, you can find quite elegant pieces or even choose a decorative bombe chest which is sure to impress your guests. In terms of shape vertical rectangular shaped chests are the most space efficient while horizontal rectangular shaped units can add a contemporary feel to your room. You can choose small 3 drawer units or a larger 5 or 7 drawer unit depending on your storage needs. It is always great to have additional space to discretely store and organise the items we accumulate.

A White Chest of Drawers in a Black and White Monochromatic Scheme

Contemporary Cool!

If you have created a black and white scheme, you can mix and match your home furniture and include pieces in both colors. Some white furniture will lighten the overall effect of your overall design choice. Alternatively, you might choose all white furniture and use soft furnishings and art in black to create your contrast. Choosing white furniture now, will allow you greater flexibility if you want to redesign your room later. It fits in with so many themes and color schemes, you will not be limited by your furniture when you choose to redesign. Black furniture is both a practical and cool choice but can be harsh if you decide you want to go for a softer, more romantic scheme, for example, in the future.

White French Style - A White Chest of Drawers is Perfect!

How Chic!

The French are responsibe for inspring a number of interior design schemes from opulent antique to contemporary chic. However, it is the classic white french provincial style , which a white chest of drawers will compliment best. It is possible to create this look on a budget, if you are clever in your choices of furniture. For your decor you will keep the pallette predominantly white, with soft pastels to accent it.

 White Chest of Drawers for a Kids Room

Whether you are designing your first baby's nursery, a fairy princess palace for your young daughter or a cool lads pad, a white chest of drawers together with a suite of white bedroom furniture will fit beautifully. I am a firm believer in choosing neutral furniture pieces for kids bedrooms. They grow up so quickly and they change their minds about how they want their bedrooms decorated, that if you choose furniture to match a specific theme, it will be expensive to replace when you redecorate.

By choosing white furniture, you can easily create your ideal color scheme or theme using soft furnishings, curtains, bed linens, pictures, posters etc. which can all be easily and cheaply replaced when the princess or pirate phase is over! The great advantage of using white as your base for the furniture, is that you can choose almost any color you wish for paint and accessories. It is a very versatile choice!

If you are decorating a nursery you might consider a chest of drawers or dresser with a baby changing unit. This will give you a designated space to change your baby that is safe. It will also be much easier on your back when you are changing diapers, as you will not have to bend into an uncomfortable position. You can store all the items you need to change your baby in the drawers so that they are convenient and organised.

White Chests of Drawers and Baby Changing Dressers

A White Chest of Drawers in an All White Design Scheme

Okay so an all white design scheme may not be practical for the faint hearted or those with kids, but there are a number of all white looks from the romantic to the elegant and from ultra contemporary to traditional beach house that can be created using all white furniture and decorative finishings. I would love at least one all white, ultra modern room in my home but I know that until I can afford an entire team of staff (Oliver Warbuck's style), that just won't work.

However, for those who are more organised and dedicated domestic gods and goddesses, this is a great look and again if you have chosen white furniture, it won't be expensive to restyle your room.

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