Cherry Wine Rack Bar Stand with drawer
Bagdad, Arizona

 January 16, 2019 

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Matthew K. Sharp

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Cherry Wine Rack Bar Stand with drawer at the center and glass wine holder ahead and wine holder in the centre and storage shelves in great condition. Dimensions: Tall-73" Wide-22" Deep-16.5"

Wood wine racks made of pine, redwood, mahogany, cherry and other hardwood type are very popular for wine storage especially in the cellar. There is a reason for their popularity: they make great storage system for wall kits as well as stackable racks and the wide range of wooden tones allow for a perfect fit with any room decor and color scheme.

While the metal ones can be more intricate and stylish at times, the racks made of wood have an additional quality to them: price. They are in general less costly and are more suitable for or a larger group of people who want to store their wines.

Here you will find a great selection of wine racks made of various types of wood giving you not only professional grade quality,but also durability, elegance and the option of storing your wine either horizontally or vertically, depending on your preferences.

The wooden wine rack made by Winsome is a beautiful example of a wine rack that holds a rather large number of bottles, in this case 28. Great for places with less storage room, it has seven shelves each coming with 4 holders. The top of the racks is also a serving counter, which makes it a great accessory at parties.

The rack is made of solid beechwood with a lovely natural finish and it measures 10.2 x 18.5 x 37 inches. A nice, sturdy and well made rack that makes any wine owner proud.

If you're looking for something more serious that holds lots of wine bottles in your basement, this rustic wood wine rack fits the bill to perfection. It can hold no less than 120 bottles and it is a great space saver, the shelves going vertically. Each shelf can store 15 bottles. Very easy to set up, takes no longer than 10-15 minutes tops, it is a great choice for anyone who truly loves wine. It is quite versatile as you can move around the shelves as you want, you don't even need to stack them all on top of each other if you have the space to expand.

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